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I finally made time today to look into my gunlocker after a month's absence and finished a project started months ago, improvements to my Taurus stainless steel model 62LAR 22RF levergun. First off I replaced that gawdawful safety on top the bolt with a plug (for a Rossi 92) from Steve's Guns. The diameter and depth of the plug was a perfect match the only change made requiring the very slight deepening of the retaining pin groove using a Dremel tool with a light touch. This very slight alignment differance may even vary from gun to gun so this may not even need to be done on some guns i'm guessing. I also replaced the saddle ring with a knurled screw from a 62 pumpgun since the saddle ring just didn't look right on a 23" barreled rifle. Lastly I found a new Taurus tang peep on ebay (Taurus has been out of them for months) for $32.99 a penny less than MSRP. On opening I found that the tang screw that came with the sight was actually shorter than the one already on the rifle so useless. Fortunately there's alot of metal on the sight so I countersunk the rear hole (cold blue afterwards) enough to use the existing rear tang screw. I removed the cheap factory rear sight so all I need now is a filler for the dovetail. Earlier when I first got this rifle I noticed the lever had more side to side play than I liked so I got 2 #8 brass washers and stoned them thin enough to fit each side of the lever before reinstalling the lever retaining screw, now no more play, I'm happy. All I have to do now is make the time to sight her in. The trigger pull according to my gauge is 2.5 lbs. so I'm leaving it be. I'm pretty happy with my $270.00 NIB purchase, I was hoping to take it to the range with my Dad but sometimes things just don't work out as planned. I did get to show him the rifle from the Taurus website to his solid approval (being an old salt he always liked stainless steel) so that was nice at least.

Bolt with new safety plug installed

New safety plug, knurled screw, and tang peep sight

Brass spacers between lever

Countersunk rear peep sight mounting hole



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