Today I'm making a simple gun rack out of an oak board and thought I'd share the basic idea in case others wanted to make something like it. The back board is simply a piece of oak board 28" x 7 and 1/4" x 3/4". The corners are rounded off with a jig saw and then sanded.

The two supports are cut from an oak board that is 1" thick. You can take some card stock and cut out the shapes, lay your rifle on the back board, and then see how the shapes fit. Do not make them too tight to allow easy mounting and dismounting of the rifle. Once you are satisfied with the shapes of the supports, you can trace them out on a 1" thick board and cut them out with a jig saw. With the rifle laying on the backboard, in the position you want it to be, you can take the two supports, move them into position and then mark those positions, and then drill the two holes for each support. The supports are held to the back board with two screws each, coming in from the back and countersunk. The board is supported on the wall by two keyhole hangers, as shown in the photo above. The big notch in the left end of the back board is to hide the cable lock. In Canada, guns on display have to have a lock on them. I run a cable lock throught the lever and the lock itself is behind the butt. The buttstock covers both the notch and the lock, so that it is hardly visible. I then stain the board and supports and then Varathane them. I then assemble the board and hang it on the two screws that are screwed into the wall studs. You can see a finished example below, supporting my Winchester 1886 .40-82.

Here is another photo showing that you can use several of these to hang multiple leverguns.

Kirk ... a fellow who loves shooting fine old Winchesters.