My .357 1894C will occasionally jam up tight. It always happens with the first round in a full magazine, and it always happens the same way. When the first shell is released from the magazine, it hangs up on the back of the loading gate, and doesn't completely clear the magazine tube. When the lifter comes up underneath the shell, it levers the shell into the upper lip of the magazine tube. You can lower the lever back down, so the lifter is not tied up. A screwdriver (or the tip of a Polish 7.62x54R 147-gr bullet) can be used to free the imprisoned shell, but this is annoying.

How to fix?




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Don't know how I missed this post! Sorry about that.


One of these should help you. If it doesn't, post up!



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Tube ee:
The Marlin jam occurs when the sharp edge on the lever that contacts the carrier pounds a grove in the carrier resulting in the carrier to be positioned too low to stop the NEXT cartridge. If I remember right?? Then you end up with 1 and 1/2 rounds on the carrier with the other half in mag tieing up the action. I think?
Anyway the fix is to fill in the notch pounded into the carrier with a spot of weld-TIG or MIG is most controlable. Then dress it down leaving a couple thousanths build. Then raidius the sharp edge on the lever slightly. If every thing is the right height only one shell will be allowed at a time onto the carrier.
If I understand you correctly, it is your first round that doesn't make it all the way on the carrier so only one cartridge is involved. If it is allways and only the first round, I don't think this is the problem. check the loading gate to see if it is in position with tension. If it isn,t check for gate being over detensioned for loading ease-maybe some thing in the reciever grove for the gate not allowing it to be pulled into position correctly and of course the screw being the right one tightend correctly. And a last thought maybe some thing under carrier?
Just some thoughts-let us know what you find. Good luck.