Here is a possible aid to those of you who enjoy using Lee Dippers and/or the Lee Loader.

I use MS Access db's and Excel with my reloading. It helps me to maximize my time at the range by planning my tentative loads, and of course keep a permanent record of all of my loads in one place.

One of Old Ironsights' recent postings ( see ) inspired me to set up something that allows one to compare various loads at a glance, without having to fiddle with the paper slide rule supplied with the Lee Powder Dipper set.

I downloaded the dipper conversion table from:

However, it needed a little massaging before it could be easily imported into a spreadsheet or database. I therefore made some small changes to the format without otherwise altering the data:
1) Underlines (_) replaced spaces in the powder names
2) Underlines replaced periods (.) on the header row, so that -
c/c 0.3 becomes 0_3, for instance. This allows the data to
be imported as a field name directly into most databases.
No other changes were made!

You can access the resulting spreadsheet or place it into MS Access or most any modern database, if you want to get fancy. Just import the Excel file as a table as "Delimited", "Spaces" for the delimiter, and select "First Row is Header Row" or similar option that will allow the first line to be the row that names the fields.

You can then set up any queries you wish - sort by true alphabetical names by powder, for instance. I had trouble finding Unique as the powder displayed at the Lee Precision website, due to the way it was listed. Or you can sort by capacity within a certain size; and so on.

Hobie was kind enough to set up a hyperlink that holds the Excel file so that you can download it to your 'puter. You can view it online, but it is easier on the bandwidth (and keeps his server open) if you just click on the option that allows you to * download * it rather than view it online. Here is the link that Hobie created for y'all:

Enjoy! - JohnDeFresno