I was afforded the oportunity to play around with interchanging gun parts. We hear that the Ithaca is very much the same as the Henry., I bought an Ithaca 72 front sight, for $5.00, off of E-bay:

It is almost exactly like my original H001L plastic sight, except it is aluminum, and weighs noticeably more. I had to tinker a bit, but, when the paint is dry, I'll have a slightly lower front sight to help counteract my tendancy to shoot low (I filed down the blade a little). Here is a comparison:

...and what I did to make the Ithaca sight fit my Henry. ..which is not too much, really.

The guy I bought my sight from has some other Ithaca items for sale: case some of you wish to tinker, too!


"That's right, Billy, I'm good with it. I hit what I shoot at, and I'm fast!"-Lucas McCain, c1882.