Thanks to some great posts on this site (you can find them in the "One Sticky" at the top of page 1), I now have a much improved Winchester Model 94 Centennial 30-30 rifle.

Using Joe Miller's idea for a lower tang swap that replaces the rebounding hammer system with the traditional hammer & trigger, and with the help of pictures posted by Marc, I bought an early 80's coil spring lower tang on ebay. It was a straight tang, but the needed spring, strut, and hammer fit perfectly in my curved lower tang. By clipping 2 coils from the spring, stoning the sear, and polishing the moving parts, I now have a three pound trigger that breaks clean.

Tycer's idea of using a cartridge head to fill the void left by removing that awful crossbolt safety looked mighty good to me. I did use a slightly different method though. The hole through the receiver was 17/64" dia., so I took a long 3/8" mild steel bolt, cut off the head, chucked it in my drill, and filed it down while the drill was turning it. When it passed snugly through the receiver hole, I cut it to the proper length, used super glue to attach the cut off cartridge head, then polished and cold blued the bolt.

Removing the old crossbolt safety left a tiny hole in the right inside area of the receiver. I put my new "plug" bolt in and marked where this tiny hole lined up on it. I removed the plug bolt and used a 4-40 tap to thread the tiny hole in the rifle receiver. I then drilled a hole in my plug bolt at the marked spot just large enough and deep enough to freely accept a 4-40 x 1/4" set screw. With the plug bolt in place and the set screw tightened, everything is quite secure. I can easily remove the plug bolt, which is necessary to do if I want to disassemble the rifle's action. Now I'm looking at the left side of the receiver and contemplating cutting a slot in the exposed end of the plug bolt to make it look like a screw. What do you think?

Dang! Missed another good chance to shut up.

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