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I recently done a rebounding hammer modification to my Miroku 86 Extra Light , with help from an article for the Win/Miroku 92 by SAAJim , and from other members posts here on the board. The bottom fork was cut off of the hammer strut and tada!, no more rebounding hammer. During this modification I also cut three coils off of the mainspring. This helped in making this fine levergun run much smoother. The rebounding hammer was gone but the Winchester hammer still didnt have a true halfcock notch.
It has a "shelf" or a ledge, but the trigger can still be pulled with some effort. I ended up ordering a Browning hammer to replace the Winchester/Miroku hammer. The Browning hammer has the halfcock notch but doesn't have the cut out for the tang safety and it just looks better IMO.

Where I had cut the three coils off of the mainspring for the Winchester hammer, it ended up being to short for the new Browning hammer and would not set off a primer.The Browning hammer is different as you can see. The Browning hammer is on the left.

I ordered a new Winchester mainspring and all is well with ingnition. The Winchester sear needed to be thinned in order to fit the halfcock notch of the Browning hammer.

The Winchester sear was to wide and was not fully slipping into the notch. This allowed the trigger to still be pulled in the halfcock position. A little file time later and I now have a true halfcock.The sear now slips in and stays in like it should.

I also detensioned the trigger spring which does double duty of holding the mainspring and hammer strut in place. This resulted in a lighter trigger pull.



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