Many people make charitable gifts and donations. I'd like to suggest remembering our troops and their families this year in your giving. There are many ways we can help our troops. The needs are indeed great. Here is a list of organizations through which we can show our support for our troops through gifts and donations:

Sadly, we have many soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan severely wounded, most noteably with missing legs and arms from IEDs. I'd like to specifically mention the organization "Homes For Our Troops." Many of our severly wounded soldiers have families to come home to, but no house to come home to because their house can't accomodate their needs. Imagine the daily hardship of not being able to get into your own bathroom because the door is too narrow, or into the privacy of your bedroom to rest or be with your wife because your bedroom is on the second floor, and that door is too narrow, too. Through donations and volunteers "Homes For Our Troops" renovates our severely wounded soldier's houses...and in some cases even will build them a new they have physical homes, as well as families, to come home to.

I want to mention a really important NON-MONETARY GIFT that is easy to make, which is the transfer of frequent flyer miles to "Hero Miles." This program generously provides military families with free airline tickets to enable them to fly to their wounded loved one's bedside during recovery and rehabilitation.

PLEASE REMEMBER OUR TROOPS and their families in your giving this year.

God Bless America and our military which keeps us free!



If I may add a suggestion to directly benefit the soldiers in the field, here is one of my favorite organizations, it used to be called "Adopt A Sniper" a couple of years ago.

There are lots of items the soldiers in the field could use, here is the list:



Here is a good one.
or for all of you that are Army


And if there are any Coasties

We got alot of much apreciated care packages threw this program while we were in the big sand box.